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Virtual Consultations

Here at Canine Potential, we understand that many people have busy lives and may not have the ability to halt their day for an in-person lesson.  That is why we introduced Virtual Consultations as an option for clients who just need some help without the hassle of a whole in-person lesson.

Online meeting

Virtual Evaluation ($40)

All of our training programs start with an evaluation with the client.  We offer in-home, in-facility, and now virtual evaluations to help get clients started with a training program that is right for them. 
Our virtual evaluations are set up just like our in-person ones, except they are via Google Meet.  Each session is 40 minutes to 1 hour long and are an opportunity for clients to discuss their dog's behavior with the trainer and what they hope to get out of training as well as discuss a training plan. All virtual clients will pay via venmo prior to the start of their meeting.


Virtual Consultation ($80)

Our Virtual Consultations are great for the client who just needs a quick refresher in training or needs to talk through a specific issue, or for clients that may be having a setback between lessons and need a quick chat with the trainer.  Consultations are not the same as training sessions as we cannot train your dog over video chat, but they do allow clients to ask any questions and for the trainer to provide demonstrations to help work through specific issues. Virtual Consultations are conducted via Google Meet and are 40 minutes to 1 hour long. All virtual clients will pay via venmo prior to the start of their meeting.

Virtual Consultations: Services
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