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Day Training and Boarding

Peace of mind while you're away

Whether for a day, a weekend, or the whole week, you can have confidence that your pet is safe and happy while you're away.

Pet Sitting/Boarding: Services

Day Training: $120.00 for the day

Day training is offered to current clients ONLY and is first come first serve.  
Your dog MUST have completed a one of our training packages before enrolling in Day Training. 
With this option, clients are able to leave their dog with the trainer for the day to help clean up behaviors or work your dog through a difficulty you've been experiencing in homework.  
Custom options may be discussed with the trainer prior to booking.

Pet Sitting/Boarding: About

Home-Away-From-Home Boarding $100/day

Boarding is offered only for dogs that have gone through or are actively in one of our training programs.  Your dog will have the ability to stay comfortably in our home in Hampton NJ while we upkeep their usual schedule and maintain structure so that they don't come home with the bad habits that could be picked up at a kennel. 

This is a great option for dogs or puppies that need more supervision or have special needs/accommodations.

During their stay, your dog will receive at least 3 walks a day, scheduled outdoor play time, and 2 scheduled meals (special meal requirements must be arranged prior to drop off). All dogs in our boarding program must be crate trained and will be expected to sleep in a crate at night. We will maintain your dog's training, however extra training will not be provided for boarding dogs. Clients will receive daily updates and photos of their dog and will be able to contact us directly during their dog's stay. 

Please note that we are a very small facility and are limited in the number of dogs we can accept for boarding at a time. Boarding is on a first come first serve basis and we ask for a least one month notice for booking. We will not accept dogs who are human aggressive because of the fact that our facility is our home and safety is our top priority. If you have concerns about your dog's eligibility for boarding, talk to your trainer.  

Pet Sitting/Boarding: Welcome
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