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Is my dog too old to train?

Short answer: No! There is no such thing as a dog being too old to learn! That being said, the older your dog becomes before you seek help from a trainer, the more set in their ways they will be, and the harder you will have to work to help them learn appropriate behavior!

How long will it take to train my dog?

We never guarantee how long it will take for a dog to unlearn problem behaviors or learn new skills. This is completely dependent on the individual dog and how much effort the owner is willing to put into the training! We can, however, offer a guess based off the first few lessons and your dog's progression.

What sort of tools do you use in your training? 

I will use any tools that help that individual dog learn what is expected from them.  During the evaluation, we discuss what motivates your individual dog and go from there.  However, most dogs that go through our program are trained to a slip lead and ecollar at the very least.

What is an evaluation?

An evaluation is a way for the client and trainer to meet and discuss the dog and problem behaviors. It is also an opportunity for the trainer to see the dog and observe it's behavior and relationship with the owner. They usually take about an hour and can be conducted in the client's home, in our facility in Lambertville, or virtually via Google Meet. Evaluations are $60 and travel fees may apply.

Do you have a travel fee?

Yes, we have had to start implementing a travel fee.  Our travel fee is $1/mile for every mile our trainer has to drive from our facility in Lambertville.  So if your address is 15 miles away, the travel fee would be $15.

Do you offer virtual training? 

We have a virtual consultation option! Virtual consultations are conducted on Google Meet and are 40 minutes to an hour long. We do not offer virtual training for clients with dogs who have severe behavioral issues, as we recommend you see a trainer in-person for safety reasons.  However, for clients who need questions answered, but don't feel they would benefit from a full, hour-long lesson, virtual consultations are an option! Check out our "Virtual Consultation" page to book or for more info!

How do I pay?

At this time, we only accept cash, venmo, or checks! Please contact us directly for info on where checks should be written out to and for our venmo information. Virtual clients can pay via venmo prior to the start of their lesson.  A venmo request will be sent with an invoice.


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