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Pack Walk at Goat Hill Overlook

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We will be meeting in the parking lot at 6:00pm. I will wait a few minutes for people to arrive and then we will get started. This is a 1.1 mile light hiking trail. We will stop for a group photo at the overlook and then head back down to the parking lot. Bring sturdy shoes and water for you and your pup. Pack Walks were created for safe, structured walks where anyone can work on their dog's skills and socialization in a friendly community in and around Hunterdon County, NJ. RULES: 1. Pack Walks are a judgement free zone. We accept all people, all dogs, and any training! What works for you and your pup may not work for others. 2. No retractable or flexi leashes. All leashes must be 6ft or less. 3. No on leash greeting without verbal permission from the owner! 4. We will maintain social distance from one another to allow a safe space for our canine friends who may be working on reactivity, building confidence, or ignoring other dogs. Give all pups and people space. 5. BYOPB. Bring your own poop bags! Properly pick up after your pup, please!

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